Check your eyesight

Фото с бездомным

Charity Hospital's project on the World Sight Day

World Sight day is observed annually on the second Thursday of October, as a part of the global anti-blindness program. We believe that it’s important, especially on this day, to not only help homeless people with poor eyesight but also to see the humanity in each and every one of us. We are all human, after all, even if some of us are homeless.

Do you notice people around you who need help?

There are approximately 50,000 homeless people in Saint Petersburg, but there are only 283 vacant places in government social shelters. Many people who end up on the streets have to live in abandoned houses, sleep on benches and in parks, and build tents just to save themselves from the weather. Desperate homeless people need your help and support, no matter how and why they ended up where they did.

Фото с бездомным

By helping homeless people see,
you help them be seen and noticed

And Charity Hospital has helped 7 homeless people regain vision since 2021.

In three years we gave homeless people 289 pairs of glasses and cases for them.

And here’s what our experts have to say:

About us

Non-profit organisation Charity Hospital provides medical help and social assistance for homeless people on Saint Petersburg streets and in the shelters. We come to aid people living in abandoned lots and under bridges. We consult homeless on health issues, treat their wounds and give out medical supplies and glasses. We vaccinate them and test for infectious diseases, calling for an ambulance when needed.

Our partners who help us to see and actually notice homeless

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